A Contemporary Tragicomedy

On Christmas Eve, a Filipino white collar pastor stands beneath a single spotlight, on a stage laced with lit candles and dancing Christmas lights. He preaches his weekly sermon with a dash of Yuletide cheer, his steady and coherent voice reaching the ears of a packed hall of eager listeners. He says, “It’s scary to…

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Despair Is Only That

bouquet enclosed within a cage of bones, its colors peeking out beneath the flesh. flower children of the sun, overgrown with rose thorns of the not-too-distant past. sadness does not paint with leftover scars, how wrong the world is—believing it’s art. the petals are not beauty marks, they are mere signs of life: the little…

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When Fearlessness Becomes Recklessness

I am to the Philippine drug situation what an audience member is to a feature film displayed on a cinema screen. I watch everything unfold before my eyes, yet I do not play a part in the show before me. I am not a dealer of illegal drugs, a user of illegal drugs, nor a…

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