The Slander Accusation

When the back and forth game of He Said, She Said starts to feel a hell of a lot more like Cops and Robbers, it’s probably a better idea to stop playing altogether.

Sometimes you don’t have that control, though. The world will rope you into the game if it feels as if there aren’t enough players. Even if you didn’t sign up to be a pawn, it stands that—regardless of whether you like it or not—you are the necessary sacrifice needed to win. You walk the land of black and white, where there are no compromises: you may not stand on the line, move any direction but forward, nor refuse to move at all. Grey is but a idealistic fantasy you curated from the desperation for any other option.

But as such, there is none.

You could always fool yourself into thinking this in the universe’s really, really late karma. That way it actually feels you do deserve this; to lose all the trust, respect, and friends you once had. Perhaps everything else, too, in time. Just when you thought you would turn things around.

It would be too easy if there was some other possible outcome, wouldn’t it? Remember, this is your punishment…. for something you didn’t do. You know you hold no shame, but it isn’t as if there’s a difference between being guilty and having no one believe you. It’s like The Boy Who Cried Wolf, except it turns out you’re not only the boy—you’re also the wolf. That’s the scary part about living. You don’t get to control your life; everyone else does. You just get to watch it up close.